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Adam stormed from his dwelling, ignoring the grating voice of his wife that seemed to set his teeth on edge.  He put his hands over his ears to block out her continued screeching as he strode toward the cave where he often went to escape Eve’s persistent gnagan.


Ever since they had been forced to leave the garden, his wife had not been the same.  Now he could not please her no matter what he did.  He looked around at the cold, hard walls of his cave and sighed.  He would rather dwell there than with the woman who never seemed to close her mouth.


He thought longingly of the home he and Eve had built.  Though horribly sad to lose the daily companionship of Elohim, they still had each other, and they had worked together to make a home.  Eve had been scared and looked to Adam for protection.  Still eager to please, she had been much more pleasant those first few weeks.  However, as the days passed and she gained confidence, she had become less inclined to please her husband.  Adam did not know how he was going to live with her, but he could not stand the thought of living without her.


He spent a long time in his quiet cave.  Though Yahweh no longer walked with him, still Adam talked to Him as if He did.


Today, he talked to Yahweh for a long time, until suddenly he remembered something:



“Your desire will be to your husband… and he will rule over you…”



Adam’s brow lowered in a frown.  Eve wanted to rule him, but according to Yahweh it was he who was to rule over her.  If he was ever going to be happy again, he had to teach Eve she could not control him.


With a heavy heart, Adam rose to his feet.  Since leaving the garden, the humans had discovered something they both dreaded and feared.  It was called pain.  In fact, they would do most anything to avoid it.  Adam had no doubt if he were to punish Eve with pain, she would obey him and hold her tongue when he told her to.


He walked slowly back toward their dwelling.  But how to give her pain?  Her bones were small, and he was so much larger.  It seemed she would break if he handled her too roughly.


Then Adam remembered a day when he had followed Eve through the forest.  She had moved a tree limb in order to pass, and she had let it fly back into place behind her, causing it to slap against Adam’s arm.  The pain had caused him to hiss between his teeth, and a red line had formed on his arm where the limb hit.  But it stung for only a few moments, and after a bit more, even the red line disappeared.  Maybe slapping Eve with a tree limb was the best way to punish her.


Adam tested a few tree limbs and finally settled on a small green one that whistled and swished when he moved it back and forth.  Since the leaves seemed cumbersome, he removed them from the limb and tested it on his arm.  Again, the pain made him wince.


As he continued toward his dwelling with his limb in hand, he thought about Eve’s slender white arms and shook his head.  He needed to apply the limb to a stronger part of her body.  An image of her small form rose in his mind.  He loved her breasts and did not want to harm them.  He would stay away from them and punish her back instead.  But when he thought about her frail back, he decided that was not quite right either.  Then he remembered her sheyt.  It was fleshy and plump and looked plenty strong enough to withstand a tree limb.  He nodded, his mouth set.


Eve glanced up from where she sat in the corner, her mouth still turned downwards at the corner and her eyes hard.  Adam steeled his heart and walked on into the room.  She spared but a tiny glance at the limb he grasped in his hand before raising her chin as if to challenge him.




 “Did you find better food?” she demanded, apparently ready to continue their argument where they left off.


He opened his mouth to argue once again that the roots he had found for her dinner was perfectly good food, but he closed it just as quickly.  It did no good to argue with Eve for she had a sharp tongue that flapped so quickly she did not take time to listen.


 “Yahweh said you would wish to rule me,” he began without preamble.


 “Yet it is I He commanded should rule over you.”


Apparently having nothing to say to that, his wife stared at him in stony silence.


He swallowed hard.  “Today, Iyshah, we will set things aright.”


Again, she peered back at him accusingly.  “What do you mean?”


He sighed heavily, already dreading what he meant to do. “I am weary of your tongue, wife.  I have asked you… begged you… to be silent… to cease your argument when I command, yet you refuse.  You rule me with your tongue, Eve.  This will continue no more.”


 “I do not rule you, Adam.  If I ruled you, we would not be speaking of this, for you would be about finding something edible for our dinner instead of this… this…”  She waved her hand at their food, the only thing he had been able to find for her to eat this wretched day, since his wife repeatedly refused to eat an animal.  “Besides…”


He slashed his hand at the air.  “Sheket!” he roared louder than he meant, and was surprised when she actually did quiet herself.


“As I was saying… and you will listen to me… you have greatly displeased me with your tongue this day, and I… I have determined to punish you for your many harsh words.”


Her brow lowered.  “P…punish me?  Like Yahweh punished us?”  Her eyes reddened as she swallowed hard.  “Do you mean to cast me from our dwelling, Isha?”


Ne, Eve,” he hastened to reassure her, for he knew she had fostered such a fear since they had been cast from the Garden.  “I never wish to live separately from you.  That is why I must punish you.  We must live peacefully with one another.”  He signed and gathered his resolve.  “I mean to punish you with… pain.”


He was not surprised to see fear gather in her eyes.  “P… pain, Adam?  But pain…”  She shook her head.  “Pain is not good.  We do not like pain.”


Ne, we do not like pain, but I do not think it is all a bad thing.  Like the heat of the fire that warns us not to place our hand therein, we can learn from pain.  I intend to teach you with pain.”


“You will place my hand in the flame?” she cried in alarm with a horrified glance toward the fire.


Ne!  I will not harm you… only bring you pain.”  He stared at her for a moment, noting how she now sat upright on her knees, her chest rising and falling rapidly in alarm.  That was good. She needed to fear punishment.  “Come here.”


She rose to her feet after a short delay and walked the few steps needed to stand before him, and only slightly resisted when he awkwardly turned her body to the side and raised her clothing to bare her sheyt.  She peered over her shoulder at her hind parts, then raised her eyes to his face, her brow lowered in confusion.


Her mouth opened to form a word about the same time he raised the limb and brought it swiftly down across her bared sheyt.  The words she meant to speak were drowned in a squeak as her hands raced back to cover her hind parts.  As he raised his hand to deliver another blow, she scurried from him, her backside


“That is enough pain,” she pronounced.


“It is not,” he disagreed, “for if it were, you would not be trying to tell me when the punishment should end.  Even now you try to rule.”


“I do not!” she wailed.


Ya, you do, wife, but that ends this day.  Come here.”




“Best ye obey me, Iyshah,” he warned, as anger warmed his body.


“I will not help you give me pain,” she said, her mouth set in stubborn lines.


Keyn. So be it.”

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